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The teenage years are difficult times for many and so it is our aim to provide, not just a safe place for our teenagers to have fun and unwind, but a place where they can feel valued, honoured, and discover their God-given purpose and potential.

Although LIGHTHOUSE is all about our teenagers from Years 7-12, it is much more than just a hangout, with programs designed to assist our teenagers discover who Jesus is and how to live as a disciple of His.

There is a Friday Night program each Friday of the school term between 6.30pm and 8.30pm, led by a capabale team of committed leaders. Often this is a high energy time with a special time of devotion and hearing God’s Word, and yet, it is so much more.

At LIGHTHOUSE our teenagers are taught to walk daily with God. So whether it is through the fun of activity or the excitement of studying God’s Word, LIGHTHOUSE will transform your teenager.