"With nothing to SHOW there is no chance to SOW"

SHOW is a recognition that there are many people in our community who are oblivious to the Gospel and to God and we believe that the only way that we can help people to begin a pathway towards Christ is through highlighting Christ to our community.

It is events, activities, and people that peak the interest in an othewise uninterested people.


Next Steps - Inspire Faith

Basic Christian Beliefs

The Gospel explained in a 90 minute fun and interactive way, with ample opportunity to ask questions. All are welcome with no strings attached.

Next PresentationFebruary 4th, 2024

Christianity Explained

6 Sessions on who Jesus is and what He has done. A presentation with plenty of opportunity to discuss and ask questions if desired.

Next CourseFebruary 11th, 2024


A natural NEXT STEP for those who respond to the gospel and wish to make a public profession of faith in Christ as Saviour and Lord. Classes are held on an "as needed" basis.

Next ClassNovember 5th, 2023